With a few swigs behind the hatch, you may notice change in behavior. The use of "PROST!" is frequent, and forceful. Conversation with strangers are common and comfortable. Any debate will be resolved over a round or two. Daily life is impossible without a pint glass which becomes a standard unit of measurement. Zauber has wielded the artistry of fermentation and concocted a captivating aroma that heightens your sensitivity and taste. PROST!

  • Bruzer

  • Type:
  • 9.5 ABV, 70 IBU
  • Our Berzerker IPA has gotten pumped up to do battle. Armed with an even mightier compliment of hops, and the strength of 9.5% abv to crush your enemies.

  • Myopic Red

  • Type:
    German Red Alt
  • 5.1% ABV, 20 IBU
  • Look no further. Nutty and easy to get along with, like a true Buckeye! True companion for the bar or tailgate.

  • Berzerker

  • Type:
    Belgian IPA
  • 6.3 ABV, 45 IBU
  • What is best in life. A Belgian IPA, full of hop aroma, with a smooth finish.

  • Vertigo

  • Type:
  • 5.4 ABV, 12 IBU
  • Notes of banana, clove, and vanilla dominate this beer that a Bavarian would call a classic hefeweizen.

  • Buxom Blonde

  • Type:
    Belgian Blonde
  • 5.8 ABV, 30 IBU
  • Have more fun with our Single Belgian Blonde. This Abbey styles is well proportioned with a subtle fruit and spice complexity.

  • Oktoberfest

  • Type:
  • 5.6 ABV, 30 IBU
  • This beer is full-bodied with a malt-accentuated accent of subtle caramel and nutty flavors.

  • Kitschy Kolsch

  • Type:
  • 5.6 ABV, 25 IBU
  • A biergarten in a glass. The flavorfulness of a pale ale with the crispness of a pilsner.

  • Märzen

  • Type:
  • 5.6 ABV, 20 IBU
  • Subtly sweet caramel and strawberry notes that you can drink by the liter.

  • Magnum

  • Type:
    Belgian Copper Ale
  • 8.0 ABV, IBU
  • This beer is inspired by the great beers of Belgium, in particular the Trappist beers. Our goal was to create a beer in this spirit in our quest for wisdom.

  • Roggen Rye

  • Type:
  • 5.5 ABV, 29 IBU
  • The unique Banana, Clove, Vanilla flavors of Weizen still apply with the addition of an herbal backbone, reminiscent of Rye bread.