Food Truck Elections

30th Oct 2012


  • ZBeers

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Early November is the time to cast your vote... for your favorite food trucks!

Participating food trucks include The Cheesy Truck, Sophie's Pierogies, That Food Truck, Tatoheads, Pitabillities, Ajumama, Blu Olive, Paddy Wagon, Swoop Food Truck, Green Meanie and My Place or Yours!

Join us on Friday, November 3 from 4-9pm to enjoy great local grub and a Z Beer or two! We'll have Roggen Rye and Stodgy Brown available early, and tap Buxom Blonde, Myopic Red and Vertigo when those run out. Barley's Brewing will be teaming up with us again to pour a beer or two of their own.

You can RSVP


Mike02 Nov 12, 12:28pm

We will be there!

Angel02 Nov 12, 2:11pm

Cant wait!!! These food truck events are PHENOMENAL. Its today November 2nd from 4-9pm. Barley’s will also be there with 2 of thier beers. Happy 20th Anniv Barley’s! SEE YOU THERE PROST

Roger Kirkpatrick02 Nov 12, 9:24pm

Will you be open Saturday, 3 Nov., afternoon or evening?

Angela Towne03 Nov 12, 2:05pm

No Growler Sales for Sat Nov 3. Sorry - we tapped out of every keg in the brewery from Food Truck Elections last night. We will resume normal Growler Hours next week Thur-Sat 4-8pm. Follow us on FB and Twitter to keep on top of the latest offerings. PROST

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