Hey Man, Take a quick survey

29th Dec 2010


  • ZBeers

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The button on the home page (lower left) the one that says 'survey,' click there! It takes about 5 minutes. Your thoughts will help us out immensely. Cheers,

With the results we hope is to support/discredit our assumptions about who drinks what type of beer and what they like to eat along with their brews. The Results will help direct some of our decisions down the road.
Check back in a couple weeks, or when we reach a minimum of 250 people, and we will share our results. 'Cant Wait...' ;)


Mat07 Jan 11, 8:45am

Survey is done!

Walker Evans31 Jan 11, 11:23am

Hi! We’d love to do an interview/story about your new brewery! Please send me an email if you’re interested! Sounds exciting! ;)

tom Reed17 Jun 11, 5:25pm

When do you plan to open?


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