Turning a Warehouse into a Brewery

16th Mar 2011


  • ZBeers

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We have been working diligently to transform our space into an appropriate working al be it small brewery. The beginning of sweat equity ;)

Until you actually go through the process it is hard to believe all the little things that go into bringing a brewery together. Utilities, Tests, Contractors, Networking, Financing, LOTS of legal papers all coming together at once. It helps that we all believe that we are on to something cool, and want to bring a new beer voice to Columbus. The fringe benefits are cool too... Cheers


kevin26 May 11, 8:35pm

Glad to hear about another craft brewer in columbus. Heads up to the owners. ISO knowledge of the craft brewing process. FREE help when i can fit it in. Homebrewer for 10 years and a local contractor. Excited about this new addition to the columbus craft brewerys!

Kevin20 Jul 11, 1:25pm

I would like to do a feature story on Zauber Brewing Co., but have not yet found an easy way to reach Geoffrey Towne. If possible, please have him call me on my work cell, 551-7478, so we might make arrangements.

Larry Burke12 Aug 11, 11:46am

I work with LG Burke. We supply complete brewhouses as well as the best tank pricing you will find. We also specialize in packaging line engineering. I can be reached at 630-697-4530. Good luck.

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