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27th Mar 2012


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Zauber Brewing is finally a reality, and we want to give you a chance to try all of our beers before we start serving them to the masses.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday for the next three weeks, you can try our initial lineup of year-round brews at various bars around Columbus. Stop by Tip Top tonight to try Myopic Red, our German Red Alt, and pick up a postcard to take to the rest of the stops on the tour - get a stamp at each bar for trying all of our beers and you'll earn a Zauber t-shirt and tap handle, plus be entered into a drawing for a free sixth barrel keg!

Tuesday, March 27

Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails
Myopic Red, German Red Alt
To be myopic is to struggle to see distant objects because of objects right in front of us. This is inspired by our local culture, passion, and > attachment to our home town University & Sports teams in Columbus. Often making us unable to see blue and yellow together clearly. > This 'nutty' Red old school Ale is a great everyday beer, after one taste, not requiring us to look any further, particularly north.
5.0% ABV, 16 IBU

Wednesday, March 28

Vertigo, a Hefeweizen, German Style
Vertigo is a condition when the world gets a bit cloudy, fuzzy if only for a little while... just like a Hefeweizen. Tasting notes: Vanilla, Banana-Clove notes, yellow in color, cloudy in complexion, smooth and light in body. Great Spring/Summer flavor.
5.4% ABV,12 IBU

Tuesday, April 3

The Jury Room
Magnum Opus, Belgian Copper Ale
Latin for 'Great work'. It is also an alchemical method in the creation of the Philosopher's stone, or the ultimate wisdom. This beer is inspired by the great beers of Belgium, in particular the Trappist beers. Our goal was to create a beer in this spirit in our quest for wisdom. This well proportioned Belgian is pleasant and fruity, Copper to Brown in color and mildly hopped.
5.4% ABV, 23 IBU

Wednesday, April 4

Stodgy Brown, Germal Alt
Stodgy is old-fashioned unduly formal and traditional, robust in food. So old its seen again with fresh eyes as new again. This German beer style is much older and traditional than even Lagers. What all beers must have tasted like before modern times. Its character is a hybrid of ale, lagers a pleasant match of the best of both styles. Great Everyday brown Alt, like so many from the Ruhr valley. Hopped aggressively like a pale ale, brown in color.
5.2% ABV, 38 IBU

Tuesday, April 10

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace
Buxom Blonde, Belgian Blonde
A buxom-blonde named Abby, Healthy Attractive, Vigiours, Zaftig, Full Figured, Curvaceous, ample bodied... all those things. This Belgian Abby style is well proportioned, soft, and beautiful like the name suggests. Nice fruity tones, to compliment this beers body, and healthily hoped and well proportioned.
5.5% ABV, 30 IBU

Wednesday, April 11

Betty's Fine Food and Spirits
Buxom Blonde, Belgian Blonde
Magnum Opus, Belgian Copper Ale

Each bar will have a limited quantity of Z Beers during the tour, so be sure to get there as close to the tapping date as possible for your chance to try our brews before everyone else and get some Zauber swag. And even if you don't make it to all of the stops, a partially stamped postcard will still get you a Zauber magnet!

Zauber founder and brewmaster Geoff Towne will be at the release night for each bar, so be sure to say hello!



Carissa05 Apr 12, 8:51am

My friend missed the first bar, but has all the other stamps so far - can he go back to the first bar and try that Zauber to get a stamp?

Angela 05 Apr 12, 3:20pm

The first beer, Vertigo (Hefeweizen),is on Tap at Village Idiot (1439 N. High St.)

Angela 09 Apr 12, 10:01am

The first beer, Vertigo (Hefeweizen),is on Tap at Village Idiot (1439 N. High St.)

Carissa09 Apr 12, 5:23pm

Has the Wednesday location been revealed yet?

Angela11 Apr 12, 8:45am

Todays release is at Betty’s. Buxom Blonde and Magnum Opus will both be on tap.

Carissa11 Apr 12, 4:15pm

Thanks Angela!

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